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Hello there. How are you holding up?

I'm holding up okay I guess..still trying to be sane...let me introduce myself as MKi

How are you doing yourself?

I am doing okay. Today's much better than yesterday and the day before. I had this pain at my lower back that elevated my anxieties. Luckily I am better now.


I'm sorry for the lower back pain and I am so glad you are better...I hope the pain stopped completely and the anxieties stopped

For me today I woke up feeling a bit lonely,unlucky and just sad but I got to listen to a bit of music and my mood is back to normal though I still have some sort of emotional baggage I feel inside but I'm hopeful things will get better pretty soon


Thank you mate. I am sorry for the loneliness and sadness and the emotional baggage holding you down. Music comes through for us sometimes. Reggae does it for me. And reading. Just finished enlightening book by Johann Hari, Lost Connections, which somehow helped me understand the source of my sadness. Things will get better for you MKi. These sad experiences are often gates to a better life. Sit with them and when you come out, you won't experience the same kinds again.