I'm married to a beautiful and loving wife and we have 3 adorable kids. My problem is that, am unable to overcome porn since high school through my bachelor years and now marriage. It depresses me a lot since the addiction has affected my sexual life and i feel most of the times as a failure. am unable to talk to anyone as i feel bad about myself and slowly am falling into alchoholism. Should i just walk away from my marriage until i fix my problems? mind you, my kids and wife live a lavish life and wont suffer as i have a great business and they will only miss me for a few months..

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Hey Hubby, 

You sound loving and a caring leader of the home. Everyone struggles with something. 

What exactly are you feeling burdened too?? 

Watching adult movies with your wife isn't bad. 



  1. Is it mustarbation
  2. Is it high desire for sex
  3. Is it underperformance
  4. Is it low desire for sex from your beloved wife
  5. Is it the lack of "monkey" moves with engaging in sex with your spouse
  6. Is it a clande who makes porn moves a reality and your wife can't match and guilt is killing you
  7. If you are a Church elder this could be the only angle why it could be making you think about hurting your kids. Other than that even murders are very good Dad's so ditching your kids should never be a thought. 

Maybe id your real challenge then you can make the first step in the right direction

I am a woman. and i can tell you for sure that walking away from your family will only cause them pain and heartache. Please talk to your wife about your sturggles, i know she loves you as much as you love her .So if both of you agree that you should get help, then she would love to walk with you through it all. It's a way to show that she loves you and is willing to stick by you through it. If you just up and leave she will probably never forgive you. To a woman it feels like you never trusted her, and to the children like you do not love them. Believe me when i tell you this, its never about the money. There is such joy in holding the hand of the one you love and helping them overcome a struggle/battle. Do this together, and it may just be the beggining of a wonderful friendship. I wish you the best. And i just made a prayer for you. May God restore you.