I am 30 years old and keep failing in my career. I make two steps forward and then a major setback makes me start all over. I have worked hard to get here but sometimes when I see my peers who have the things I have worked for for so long I get so bitter and angry. Some of them havent put in as much effort as i have and its so discouraging. Should I continue pursuing my dreams? Do dreams come true? or is it time to give up, settle for less and wait for the day my life will end? What is the point of trying if you keep falling down every time? Its so frustrating.

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I know it seems hard but do not give up. Don't compare your life with someone else's. We are all on different life journeys. If it really is your dream, keep at it. Don't give up even when it seems like nothing is happening. What matters most is you keep moving.

Never ever compare your life to anyone else even when the urge is soo strong... We all have different paths in life.. Only work hard to be better than the person staring at you on the mirror...

There is nothing wrong with you,and dont compare yourself with others.Everyone has his own timing,it might seem that yours is taking forever but dont give up or lose hope,when your time comes nothing will b big enough to stop it..for now keep on learning with each setback,you are growing wiser so that when your time comes you will b able to handle things.