I don't want to be afraid of my own thoughts anymore,,

  Published  29th Jul 2020 at 8:35 pm
samuel kioiUSIU clinical psychologist student

 I thank you for bring up this matter that is affecting you. Some  people are ashamed and worried about intrusive thoughts and rather irrational fears, and  keep them secret. Its  idea  curable by practicing how to remain calm in the face of existential terrors and mundane activities. It is a natural reaction to past pains/traumas or anxiety and is much more common than we like to discuss.  People who experience unwanted intrusive thoughts are afraid that they might commit the acts they picture in their mind. They also fear that the thoughts mean something terrible about them. Try not to engage with the thoughts in any way by pushing the thoughts out of your mind  Also do not try to figure out what your thoughts "mean." nor check to see if this is “working” to get rid of the thoughts.

The better we come to understand ourselves – what emotions we were trying to avoid, what emotions we were trying to feel, and why we are experiencing intrusive thoughts – the more calmly we can navigate our thoughts and fears.

Here are steps for changing your attitude and overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts

  • Label these thoughts as "intrusive thoughts."
  • Remind yourself that these thoughts are automatic and not up to you.
  • Accept and allow the thoughts into your mind. Do not try to push them away.
  • Float, and practice allowing time to pass.
  • Remember that less is more. Pause. Give yourself time. There is no urgency. 
  • Expect the thoughts to come back again
  • Continue whatever you were doing prior to the intrusive thought while allowing the anxiety to be present.

  Published  30th Jul 2020 at 8:10 am
Inuka Wellness ExpertInuka Wellness Kenya
Hello,  thank you for sharing.  I would like to ask you these questions, maybe it might give you some insight.  Why are you afraid of your thoughts?  Do they remind you of something that you did or something that you could be doing?  Are the voices you hear negative?  What do they say? If you understand why you are afraid of your own thoughts and what it is they say to you  then you can try and challenge them with facts.  
Most times we are either worrying about the future,  punishing ourselves about a past happening,  stressing over what others think of us, doubting ourselves  etc. If for example you are worried about the future,  confront this thoughts,  ask yourself what you can do now to avoid something you fear in the future and take action,  ask yourself if it's something you have control over if not leave it be,.  Such a line of thinking can help you be able to deal with your thoughts .
We wish you luck as you challenge your thoughts