I had my first girlfriend when I was in 2nd year in campus. We were very deep into each other and intimate.  I caught her cheating on me and it hurt me very bad. I moved on and got another girlfriend but i realized I may not have recovered from the first cut and I was just hurting every girl I met

I took a hiatus of a couple of years and remained single and just focused on being my own

In totallity I have had only two serious relationship. Sadly the second one fell apart coz of 

Im now 30 and desire to find a lady who we can commit to starting a family. I fear though that i might be cheated on. It hurts that i put in my all in relationships but disappointed when its not reciprocated or worse cheating happens

can someone please help me on how to heal and move on

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Pole sana but stop being such a sissy. She probably cheated on you because you weren't manly enough. Give her a call and ask her why she cheated on you. A man can only be a man if he is able to build his empire then bring in a lady to manage it, not the other way round. As you go out to find a lady find a lady who will compliment your traits and who will help you do things better be it in cooking or anything to do with you business, start by being friends with as many women as possible so you can learn how women think. Slowly you will start meeting and getting acquainted with their friends.

Joyce Wangari Ngugi

It must be tough for you to have experienced being cheated on. It is important to take time to process your emotions around dating relationships, especially such that the past does not emerge in future. While avoiding may work only temporarily to some extent, relationships are often grounds of growth, so the experimentation could allow you to discover potential spouse who can be faithful and whom you can trust.