I forgot to write my evening entry to my diary, I can't get out of bed right now so I'ma write it here.

It's been an average day. Felt lonely and empty after my evening class but these are familiar emotions particularly on Friday evenings. I wish I'd met someone in town and stayed for a drink or two. But I went home, lonely and empty. The silence in the matatu couldn't help the situation. I bought two cups of githeri at mama mboga, went home and made myself some sumptuous spicy githeri-waru. Listened to Spice fm covering relationship issues that I'm going through. How do you maintain a relationship with your baby daddy/mama after calling it quits? How does the co-parenting impact your emotions? How do you get into a new relationship when you have to maintain a relationship with the ex because of the baby? Damn complicated!

So bere I am. In my bed. My cold bed. Thinking, reflecting.

Sleep sleep please come find me.


  Published  10th Sep 2021 at 9:04 pm