I have no emotions ,like love,empathy ,is it normal and am 28 n I have been that way all along

  Published  30th Jul 2020 at 9:20 pm

Are you sure you don't feel anything... Or you don't process your emotions?

  Published  31st Jul 2020 at 9:37 am

Daniel – USIU clinical psychologist

Hey guy! It’s great that you have the courage to share your inner emotions by reaching out on this platform. I can imagine how concerning it is to you when do not have love emotion and empathy. I agree with you that it’s not normal to you at 28. However, it’s a great step you have taken to try to reach out for help after those many years.

At the moment, I am wondering, how was your upbringing? By the way what is do you mean by all along in terms of period? Were you abused at your early developmental stages, by beating or sexual abuse? What was your relationship with your parent and the care takers? Have you been checked in any medical facility for any cause of such condition? Do you have another person in the family suffering the same condition? Was your mother used to abuse drugs? Have you ever suffered head injury in your childhood? If you’re all a long means from teenage, have you ever abused drugs?

Nonexistence of love and empathy emotions in you, can be caused by childhood abuse. This could be beating or threats or sexual abuse. The abuse can be elicited by care givers or parents where you may have grown up with mistrust of the world around you. Childhood abuse can cause depression where all these emotions get depressed in the mind such that the brain fails to command the hormones that communicate love emotions or empathy among many other automatic emotions in human being body. The other thing is that you be having a medical condition that needs the attention of a physician. Your condition can be helped through counseling, medical intervention or both. However, you need to review the above questions and then come up with a narrative surrounding the query suggestion. Your condition is around the mind. I hope that this will help you commence your journey to getting a help.  

  Published  31st Jul 2020 at 11:34 pm
Inuka Wellness ExpertInuka Wellness Kenya
Hello,  it's understandable that you would be concerned about not being able to feel love or empathy.  These are two emotions that people generally feel,  so it might not be normal that you don't feel them. Though you would require the help of a mental health expert to help you explore into your life and your mind to understand what could be the cause and how you can remedy this should you want to. 
The fact that you are concerned about this is a first great step towards the right direction. 
Something else that could help is asking yourself when you realized that you could not feel these emotions? Is there any events in your life that you feel might have contributed? Answering these questions might give you some clarity and a starting point to your self discovery journey and hopefully find a way to express these emotions.  We wish you the best in this.