I don't know why i feel this way but every time my step dad is around it's like I can't be myself. I feel trapped. There is always this sudden rush of fear and an awkward tension between us. Our relationship is quite fragile, not the typical father-son relationship; those ones where the call just lasts not more than 10 seconds. Its gotten to an extent where i can even fear just taking a plate to the kitchen because he's around. We do not have any feud or anything. I just don't know why i feel this way , its scary.I'm 17.

  Published  19th Mar 2020 at 11:05 pm
Inuka Wellness ExpertInuka Wellness Kenya
Hello,  we acknowledge how difficult it can be dealing with an emotion who's source you do not understand.  From what you are saying it seems there is no particular reason you can think of as to why you fear your step dad but the fear is there and it's scary. When dealing with fear a few things might help,  for example 1, asking yourself if there is anything to be learnt from what you feel?  Get some quiet time and analyze the situation, probably it's not your step dad you fear, it could be what his presence represents or the feelings he makes you have, or anything else.  2, try to use humor to deflate the fear. Ask yourself worst case scenarios that could happen if for example you sat in the same room with him and watched TV for a few minutes.  Seeing that you are saying there is no real danger that has caused the fear,  this might help as well. 3,If the fear still persists you could talk to someone you trust and feel safe around about it, getting a different perspective on an issue always helps,  they might help you see something that you are missing..  You said its scary dealing with this, well know that you are not alone,  we are here should you need someone to talk to 
  Published  22nd Mar 2020 at 11:48 am