How do you deal with a boss who is always on your neck? Like every minute they want to find out if you have finished your tasks. If not they just want to pressure you straight to hell with threats. Like i just want to quit but I don’t have a fall back plan yet. 

Some help on this please. I’m frustrated

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Create a daily task list, with timelines of when you will finish your tasks, in print format. This will help them know how long it takes to do certain things.

Peter J. Mbuga

Hi there,

thanks for sharing the difficulties that you are having at the work place. I like the first response posted here for it is necessary that your boss knows the time it takes you to do the various tasks. How long have you been in that specific job? Have you had problems before meeting your targets that could lead to her to not trusting you? These may help us to see your position clearly to help you. 

I might not be right but maybe its God's plan for you to move from that particular workplace. Push harder in getting a better plan