my father is a violent man

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Woi. Pole my dear. Gather enough courage to fight back. Then he'll stop.

Dear Sir/Madam


First of all, Thank you for this amazing website that is slowly rising in bringing people suffering from mental illness that can be solved through ‘anonymous’ conversations.

Secondly, I apologize in case you find my feedback displeasing.

I THINK THIS BONGA BLOG IS SO HELFUL AND SO I FEEL THE NEED FOR YOU GUYS TO CUSTOMIZE  IT IN A WAY ONE CAN GET A NOTIFICATION(s) FROM A ‘REPLY’ HE/SHE RESPONDED TO AND A ‘POST’ A VICTIM POSTED.  I believe this customization will ease the hassle for the victims and Professionals offering solutions in tracking their posts in order to find suggested solutions… cha muhimu mumeelewa!

Thank you

Kind regards,

CapitalFm Fan

This suggestion will render anonymous posting void because we will therefore be required to provide personal information like email.


I can suggest introducing categories for easily classification of posts. 

Abuse has the ability to tear you or build you up. Keep your head up and may what you are going through now make you a better person and not a bitter person.