I have an addiction to romance novels...Yes, I know that's a wired one but you should know that romance novels are much more explicit and vivid in detail when it comes to sex scenes. So I think that means I am addicted to pornography.

  Published  26th Jun 2020 at 11:19 pm
Ong'are GeorgeUSIU Clinical psychology student
Yes! you are addicted to pornography. It is not weird because before the resurgent of pornography in audio-visual form, literature of porn were what was available. Addiction means your are experiencing craving to reading and once you have read you find some satisfaction. In often cases people masturbate or indulge in sexual activity as a means of achieving satisfaction. Craving means you often feel the urge, desire, strong force to go read the romance novels. This repetitive urge is what result to mental disorder.

I would like to inform you that porn addiction as various impact on human being. 1. Socially you might be unable to have a effective relationship with your partner because you will prefer graphics in your head to a real human being. 2.Porn will unrealistically increase your sexual expectations not knowing that those are dramatized actions. Porn is not real but have been scripted,edited, and revised over and over. 3. Porn addiction can lead to  erectile dysfunction in men. Because you continuously stimulate your organs, this action might interfere with sex center in the brain and reduce natural trigger and sensation for sex or the amount of blood flow to your sex organ. Studies have shown that young men who are addicted to porn may end up not having full erection or sometimes having no erection.

You might find it hard to stop it at once, but you must first understand that porn addiction has long time consequences to your health.
I would propose the following actions.
  1. Find a close trusted friend that you could be having conversation with every time you feel the craving to read a porn novel. You could be talking of football, politics, fashion or school work or job related activities. This would help to take you mind away from desire to read porn.
  2. You need to get rid of all the porn books around your vicinity. If you need to stop then you should make it hard for you to find one.
  3. Find another leisure activity and devote your time in doing it. Sports, fashion, business, politics, etc.
  4. You can look for a mental health practitioner such as psychologist or psychiatrist for help.

I do hope you found some help and feel free to engage more.
  Published  27th Jun 2020 at 2:50 pm

Daniel USIU clinical psychology

Hey guy. I am encouraged and recognize your bravery to share your hobby and elegant feeling about romance. Imagine it’s normal, and not weird to us know that romantic novels are vivid in sex scenes explicitly. Being hooked to certain writers’ means that the writer can communicate to your ego. 

What I hear from you, is that you are aware that you are addicted to romantic novels which are normal for an individual to like, certain novels that communicate to their conscience. This also suggests that you are hooked to phonography. Reading romantic novels and being in phonographic addiction is a learned behaviour. We learn behaviour and we can unlearn behaviour, unlike character which is inborn. What you have done is that you have trained your mind to fall in affection for romantic novel reading that leads to your conscience of desire for the watch of phonography material. Now that you are aware that the romantic novel readings are leading you to phonography habitual dependence, you can change this by making a decision to stop reading the romantic novels and choose other material to read on. Your mind has been trained to romantic and phonography, where you need to relearn something else and your behaviour will change from this addiction. It is hard training of the mind but it all in the mind where such emotions can be controlled by a change of behaviour. What you perceive in reading a romantic novel comes with vision and phonography as well is enhanced by vision. Take action of not visiting where you can obtain the romantic novel and the watch of phonography material and this I believe will work for you. You have the power in you to make it up. I trust that you will find this helpeful and do not esitate to come back need arises.

  Published  27th Jun 2020 at 4:16 pm