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I just feel down coz i don't have a job and no papers to look for work coz I'm not that good in education matters

Just wondering what kind of business i can do to take care of me. Been trying to ask friends around but they just keep discouraging me 😔😌. Is it wrong to just want one person to believe in you

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Hi W...I'm sorry you feel down and no it's not wrong...we all want to have at least that one person that truly believes in us...I truly understand how you feel coz I'm in the same situation I always think of a business in mind and when I talk to friends and family they'll discourage me and I end up not doing it...but look at it like this...if you truly believed in yourself would you still listen to discouraging words from the people around you?I know I sound a bit cliche especially with what people say " you don't need others to believe in you you only need yourself" as much as it's true we still need people's support genuine support coz it gets us going...but what I truly believe is if you find that spark inside you especially regarding the business you want to start...listen to yourself and listen to the people around you even if they are being negative and discouraging and just take it as a good thing that way you'll know what to expect and you'll be ready for anything that comes at you and if you fall you just get back up learn from it and continue...never be afraid to take'd rather regret something you did than regret something you never did.


I'll try with all i can and i believe and hope I'll make it


I want to assure you that theres alot of opportunities out here that dont require papers. I believe a job is simply an exchange of service for money. So,find something you are good at or learn something,then find or locate the people who need that service.

Its a stretch but it will work out eventually. You just need to start and have patience. Alooot of patience.

DO NOT GIVE UP and do not feel small in this big world. Your value goes beyond papers.