Hello. Paul here. I had a series of mental breakdowns that lasted about 5months. Good news is that i am well now and able to write this. My problem is that everyone around me is actively involved in preventing another relapse, sounds good yea, but here is the problem, their actions are a constant reminder of what i went through, a daily reminder, which is the root cause of my daily frustration tomove forward with my life and be my usual happy go lucky self. I've tried everything to communicate my desire and need to have everyone realise that daily preventive actions only hold me back and stifle all hope of living my life and being myself. It has reached a point where i am being corrected daily and taught how to live my life, where if i fail to do what is intructed, i am punished in one way or another. I am troubled with this "help" when i have been doing very well withouth them or their daily attempts to make me what i have always been, which is a man with weaknesses like everyone else, but one who is strong enough to strive to do what's right regardless. I have lost all interest in communicating to them about how their actions affect me. Kindly assist me in coming to terms with what everyone is doing and how to cope with their daily actions. Reach me at Finally, thank you for making this platform available and i look forward to hearing from you. 

  Published  7th Jun 2019 at 11:42 pm