Hi , mine is not a problem but just need advice on this situation. I'm a very quiet guy in campus and there's this chic in my class always being nice to me and always starting convos with me. I struggle with smalltalk and sometimes I feel like I'm letting her down. She's rather social with everyone so that's one of the reasons I'm not too keen on her. Should I ask her straight forward whether she likes me ? If yes what advice would you give me ? I'm not talkative and struggle with social anxiety as well as self-esteem issues.


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Was in the same situation 12 years ago and now i regret not saying much to that chick,i would just wave and thats it..Its evident that she likes you,please dont ask her that...don't!You need to engage her in small talk(show you are interested too),compliment her(tell her you like her outfit and stuff like that).Get help for your social anxiety,there are a number of options:don't let it ruin your campus life like it did mine.