I wonder how many other people think of suicide. This is the first time talking about it and thought I am strong today. I feel I will one day act on it. My wife hates me, I have the fear of disappointing people family and friends a like and I am not happy. I just have a face

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Suicide is never an option. You end up hurting and destroying the lives of people you love and really care about . The fact is everyone is disappointed . We all want to be better, to do better, to move always forward . But that won't always happen. What really matters is that you don't give up because if you give up, you give up on you. And nobody cares about you if you don't care about yourself.

I think you should focus on you first. Move away from those people you think you are dissappointing and focus on you, only you. Do those things that make you happy coz this life is yours and yours alone and you deserve to be happy.

You have take the first best step in helping yourself and that is talking about it. You life is precious, first and foremost to you and second to the people who actually love you. Life has it ups and downs and the most important thin for you during those times is to be in perfect health physically and mentally. It is the only way you can assist those who you want to assist . You do not owe anyone anything in this world but you are responsible for your children if any. Fend first for , yourself to stand up tall . The rest of the world can come later