This pandemic found me in the moment of distress. I lost my job last year Nov, just when I was about to get a new job ... Boom, pandemic and contract can't be signed. My side hustle Security Guard company still struggling it's at a start-up level I have 2 business partners. It's not easy, I had to relocate back to my parents house now figuring out what I can do online which I haven't found. I feel helpless, I need help to bounce back even in the midst of this pandemic.

Kindly, guide me on what I can do... DISTRESSED.

Thank you.

  Published  22nd May 2020 at 4:29 pm
Dr. Mary RunoA Specialist in Special Needs-USIU
Dear Friend,
Thank you for reaching out for guidance and especially during this time of epidemic; and the uncertainty of the outcome. I have noted with appreciation that you have hope to bounce back to whatever dreams you had just before the epidemic. As we all wait for things to get back to normal or almost normal we need to remain optimistic. The security guard company may even pick faster as you wait to get a job. Put up advertisement on social media especially those paid for, you could attract a serious client. While doing this, keep speaking and thinking positively. It is not easy but please try to focus on seeing your company doing very well. Have peace in yourself for you to be able to hear inner voice for the next action.
Thank you and wish you the best.

  Published  23rd May 2020 at 10:31 pm