I am suffering from severe stress due to being single. I don't know how to find a partner. I've lost weight, lost my appetite and everyday is a struggle with constant sadness. I just turned 30. I am afraid I will slip into depression.

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huh-- why are you afraid of being alone? I'm very much single , never been in a relationship and its not for lacking of trying --- the idea that we have to have a one and only to have a better quality of life is a myth , there's no one and only

there's you and you time -- what are your dreams , what things in life do you appreciate ,I would never go without music , a beautiful sunset and a cig on my right hand

GET comfortable being alone

today is my birthday and i have no one to celebrate it with -- no one

and I'm not worried about it -- i wanna have friends --- but maybe I'm too alien for this world

like you used to overweight i hit the gym 4/6 times a week no one encourages me to do it /

I do it for me

It gets better and might meet this person or not but in the meantime have a fucking b blast

KNM xoxo

You are welcome

You are here so have fun in the meantime...

thanks for the birthday wish


Thank you for this. I appreciate..

KNM, happy belated birthday 🎊