I'm 35, no love life, shame of the family and I've lost interest in everything even the alcohol doesn't taste or make me feel good like it used to. I'm tired of pretending that I'm OK. Its like the bojack horseman show... the harder you try to be better the worse you make it for everyone else. The sad part is that the family can't even see my pain or even acknowledge it they think its a phase I'm going through. I fear the more they know me the less they'll love me. Funny how life can give you a lot of blessings except the ability to love yourself. I'm scared that I'll never know who I am and that ill never love myself. Help

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I fully fully understand this. I totally relate. We're just stuck

Same age. Also feel the same.......solitary life, low self esteem.

I love Bojack Horseman show. Now I have to watch the show again to distract myself

Thanks least I don't feel like I'm going through this alone... BTW try watching a web series called people watching on YouTube its an animation and it's super good!

Thanks for the recommendation

I relate to this too. Same age. Sometimes I have it figured then the next minute it's all up in the air. What I've come to learn is to just let it go - I don't try to control what I can't. I just do what I can. Hio ingine itajisort