Hey anoyone , I know that probably this is not a major issue but i really need someone to talk to about this.. i dont have a close friend i can talk to right now actually i dont think i`ve ever had  areal friend in life.Iam 22 years old single and i`ve never had aromantic relationship with any guy so far , it was always makeout sessions coz most guys wanted to have sex with me and just go so the thought of having someone to use me and leave me makes me fear getting into rlships and i`ve never found  a guy who wanted me genuinely and wanted to be with me truly.Im an introvert and i dont really connect with people or when i do i lie about who i really am inside.In the beginning of this year I started talking to this guy and he was so nice to me unlike most guys i`ve met be4 his cousin hooked me up and he`s also an introvert so we connected on some ends but he`s far from me , we talked much and i felt really attached and i thought of us as a couple or something more but a few days ago he started being distant and now were on the silent mode , i feel like texting him would be desparate of me and he wld think im soo into him of which i cant deny i like him even if weve never met but i was kinda hoping we wld and make it something more but am not sure what he relly wants or what he thinks of me.

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As an introvert, sometimes you don't want to talk to people, even those that are really dear to you. He may be going through something and can't  open up. I think you should text him and ask if his okay, why he's went on silent mode.... Then u decide if should let him go.


I agree with the first response, he could be going through something and hence the withdrawal, why dont you reach out to him and see how that goes. 

All the best.

Hi annonymous , i can imagine how you are feeling about this. He however could be going through something and hence being distant but you would not know unless you ask him.If he respods well then good if not it is still okay. However you need time to discover and love who you are as a person.I would suggest getting in touch with a proffessional to guide you on this.