I think I have been self isolating too much and now loneliness is eating me up. I Lost touch to the world a long time ago and now I have absolutely no friends. The few I had I cut them off and Now am 29 without friends to hang out with.. no boyfriend and 0 success in life even. I in the past planned to take my life but couldn't have the courage to do it. I hope one day I do. I have hard times at work cz of what is going on in my head. I planned to quit my job but then I think of my siblings and I feel bad for them cz they depend on me. Now I feel like a failure even more cz I cannot do the right thing and quit the depressing job or quit life all together. I have promised my family that from now on I'll live like a robot for the sake of them and I promise myself I won't face life while am sober ever again. Am not strong that way.

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You're the female version of me. The loneliness is driving me crazy. I'm in uni but I have no one. No social life whatsoever. If not for my mother I would have ended it already but she's worked so hard to get me here so I can't quit on her. But I wish I had someone I could talk to, hang out with , maybe make love sometimes. Just one person would me enough. But maybe I was born to be alone.

Hey man... At least you're in uni.. there are a lot if people so you have a chance of making friends and I heard friends made in college are friends for Life. As much as it's difficult for us to make friends I prefer you push yourself to find some cz out here after uni I have suffered finding hata mmoja.

People already have their own friends so... And I think it's a good thing you have your mum and I have my siblings that give us reasons to hang in there.

It's not as easy as you make it sound. I think the solution is owning my loneliness and trying to find things I enjoy doing and dedicate all my time to them

Maybe that will work for you. You should try it. For me the lonliness is overpowering my hobbies

Just hold on in there..better days are coming