Hi... i was in an intimate relationship with someone for around 3 months. Im struggling to get over this person. i still find myself reaching out to them, calling them, texting them, wanting to spend time with them. The person has clearly moved on and they are not interested in me. Please advise on how i can move on seeing as it has been 9 months now since we broke up. HELP!

  Published  7th Sep 2021 at 10:43 am

Well first off you have to mourn this relationship, secondly (I wish I could send a voice note but here goes voice typing) hi there so I'm sorry that you're going through heartbreak and I have been in a similar position where someone broke up with me and I didn't handle it well there is no definite timeline to what to get over a breakup or what to get over someone the first thing I think you need to do and I think a lot of us do it you need to stop fantasizing this person because what the does is you put your mind in a continuous state of what if if this person was here XYZ what happened and you need to start not doing that something that someone said a while back to me is that when someone wants to be in our lives it's a blessing and when someone doesn't want to be in your life it kind of feels like a curse when in reality it's actually a blessing it's a blessing because you know who wants to be in your life and who does not want to be in your life something I should probably do and I highly recommend it I want you to make a list a list of why you like this person and a list of what this person maybe didn't do right and right next to that list make a new one of a kind of person you would want would you wish they communicated with you better would you want this person to put your name on top of your list with their values and principles match yours and it's important to do this because it tells you that there is a possibility of meeting somebody who checks all these boxes I cannot tell you when that will happen but it's a possibility and it only becomes reality when you decide to let go of this person you will you will meet people who will match or meet your standards and the most fascinating thing about it is that it could be on an airplane it could be on a bus or on your next grocery run Carrefour you will learn to love again it hurts but that's part of growing up

  Published  10th Sep 2021 at 6:52 pm