Wel I'm in University but I've struggled with self esteem and confidence throughout my school life especially since highschool. I'm quite intelligent , not booksmart but really good at reasoning but I'm scared this lack of belief in myself will prevent me from being successful , how can I get more confident in myself?? I'm ambitious and want to achieve my dreams but I'm scared of failure.

In many ways I think school has done more harm to me than good , anxiety especially is a big issue for me and I think it came from school.

How can I get confident in my ability?

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embrace the fact that life is a isnt a smooth runaway. Like most roads, life has bits of bumps, potholes and smooth bits in it. The most important thing is your destination. you said you are ambitious, this will fuel you to your dreams in life. always focus on your vision, pay little attention to the bumps in life but learn from them, and above all, trust the process13.

Wah......same here.. issa struggle

Can we somehow connect and help each other out