I'm 24 years old , i am a 4th year student living with my parents and i have a girl friend, she loves me so much but when i see or talk to her i get angry or remember our past and i just start hatting her...she really cares about me and sometime i feel like i will be punished for breaking her heart , she is my only true person who can be there for me when im in need , i feel like running away from my home town and just go somewhere where i will find peace,. i feel like im am under pressure of life i feel like switching of my phone and just be really disturbed and stressed and i dont know why..when i see other people good and not stressed i feel bad. i cant really tell why im stressed or whas pressuring me but i just feel like screaming and running away.. please help

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What was your past? Maybe that could help us find out what is causing your anger...

started dating in 2018 when i was in 2nd year and she was had just finished her highschool, there were times we were kinda going through depression when she joined campus too and we were living together na tulikua hatuna pesa so like life was hard that time we used to drink alot so now sometimes i always thinking of how to better myself and i always see her as a barrier because she is like idle she does not have plans or like sionangi akona anything anataka kufanya she is just living tu yet im in a space where everyday im trying like to think of what i can do to get some money and such..when i talk to her i feel like my day has been spoiled i am even thinking of changing my phone number so i wont talk

to her or anybody else