My girlfriend of 2years cheated on me,I found out and had a confrontation with her. She left and went to sleep at her friends house.she left me the house help and my step son..I got depressed that she left just to avoid everything and in the long run I got admitted the same week with ulcers..she never came to see me in hospital or text me,but she came back when I was discharged from hospital took more cloths and left..I tried salvaging things for us to reconcile but she told me its over and that I move on with my life..its been a month now since in moved out of the house but she still sleeps outside and when i try reaching out to her she told me not to look for her again and to forget about my step son..that really shuttered me and broke me into pieces..I don't know what to do and its really destroyed me as a man koz I really love her and my step son...

  Published  13th Feb 2020 at 8:55 am
Inuka Wellness ExpertInuka Wellness Kenya
Hello,  having relationship problems can be frustrating and confusing to deal with.  You have mentioned that you fell into depression and got ulcers when you found out about your girlfriend's infidelity and tried to talk to her about it, she has since moved out with your step child and insists that you move on. It can be difficult deciding your next move and I hope this questions will help you in deciding. 1, what is my understanding of love?  2,How is a healthy relationship supposed to be? 3,What am I willing to compromise on in a relationship? We wish you the best as you take your next move.  We are here to listen should you want to share more 
  Published  4th Mar 2020 at 4:36 pm