Most of these mental issues we are reading about on this platform are drug-induced. By default, our brains have the capacity to deal flawless with issues that the current generation is facing like unemployment, early pregnacies, financial issues, political issues etc. Youths have messed with this brainpower by use of hardcore drugs hence the high rates of suicides, violence & divorces. I am not saying that drugs are the only cause but they are a major contributor. As a youth, avoid drug use - weed, alcohol, etc. that mess with your mental health. Mental health issues in youth often go hand-in-hand with other health and behavioral risks like drug use, violence & higher risks of compulsive sexual behaviors that lead to HIV, STDs & Unintended pregnancies. As a youth, Stay sharp. Avoid social media as it makes you compare your life to people who seem to have already made it. If you are idle, read alot, visit libraries, enroll in an online course, watch helpful movies or documentaries, go to church or dance club, engage in sports, teach yourself to code among other productive activities. Remember your brain is your driver. Take good care of it always. If you would like some friendly advice or just feel like sharing, I have always listened to my dear youths on this platform. Shoot me an email; ( ). PS. I am not a professional counsellor. ^AD

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