I have been having social anxiety ,depression and general anxiety for months now but i seem to be getting better but something is still holding me back..I have in person therapy sessions which i seem to miss almost all the time nowadays and i am running out of time .çan i talk to an online counselor please ?
  Published  2nd Sep 2021 at 1:17 pm

I was there before. I couldn't commit to anything and I was lucky coz my job was not very demanding otherwise I would have crumbled.

Anyway, you saying there is something else holding you back is a good place to have arrived because anxiety is actually caused by fear. That is to say there is something(s) you think about that trigger it. However you can work backwards from that fear and it will lead you to your unmet needs.

A lot of young folks right now have pressure to succeed in life because of social media. So I am gonna make a few assumptions and imagine you as a young male with pressure to make it. However, things could not be working out now and thinking about it every day triggers your anxiety. What you are actually afraid of is not being able to take care of your financial needs in old age or when you have kids. Your unmet need is a secure job or business that can take care of that.

It could be different for you but once you identify your unmet needs, focus only on resolving that and your anxiety will be gone forever.

  Published  13th Sep 2021 at 3:55 pm