Hi, first. Am greatful for your professional advices on the platform.

second. I have a personal crisis. I am a writer, and a publisher in the uk just gave me news that they’ll publish my book. Its an Autobiography. I am from a single parent home, raised by my mom. Now, the news is unthinkable, but i can’t share this with my mother, she features almost nowhere in the book, added to that there’s alot of uncomfortable moments ive confessed to in the book. I don’t think i should share this with her. We’ve in the past had a difficult relationship, its healing, greatfully, but the news about the book might in the end not be the best choice.

  Published  13th Oct 2020 at 9:56 pm

Hello! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your achievement. You may have to sit down with your mother and let her know what is going on. The fact that she does not feature anywhere in the book may upset her but you can gently let her know that it was your story and you chose not to include her for your own personal reasons. As a writer, you are best able to understand and therefore explain the tone, content and form of your writing and this may only have been achieved with you telling the story like you did. You say you had a difficult relationship but it's healing. That's a good thing. But let this not make you regret the choice you made in writing this book. Getting a book published is a really big deal so try and get her to see this and celebrate the moment with you.

  Published  14th Oct 2020 at 2:25 pm