I an an emotionally intense person. I feel used for giving a lot in relationship's . I always feel time is running by and I have accomplished nothing. I usually judge myself before everyone else judges me. That makes me fail to express myself freely.

I feel like I am living for nothing and just want to die for something or someone. I wish I could join the military but my age cut me off. My introverted personality makes it worse as opening up is not easy.

I however feel highly gifted and would like to give everything I have to the world. I just need help on how I can be the best of myself

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I think we introverts should have a WhatsApp group or something. Even if we'll be silent the entire time at least we get the sense that we're not alone in this 😀 is it weired that I am introverted yet I crave for friendship, relationships and cz it's difficult to socialize I feel like lonliness is going to be the end of most of us?

I usually believe that there's a match for everyone. You'll find good people who will receive and give in the same measure you give and receive.