Suicide Note:

Dear family

I write this note with tears in my eyes, I didn't want it to come to this but I'm too much of a disappointment to you all to continue living.

Your lives will surely be better without me and I'm sorry I've been nothing but a disappointment to you all.

If I had another chance at life I would still want you to be my family. 

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If you're still around when you read this just know that your family loves you more than you think they do and more than they will ever tell you (especially if they are the typicall Kenyan parents lol.)

Most souls that take their own lives are shocked by how much people needed and cared for them especially when they don't feel worthy.

Please don't do this.

Please don’t do this. Your family loves you thats for sure..

We the online community love you too. I hope you are still able to read this

Hey , I hope you read my message - I have not met you but - there someone out here who thinks the world of you , I'm sorry that you feel that way - in case you read my message - I will be checking it to see if you replied- I'd like to get to know you - please do not kill yourself