I was thinking of calling it quits-our marriage of two years with two kids but on second thought I think my wife has got serious metal issues which she has been suppressing for years. She opened up to me yesterday that she is a rape victim and that's how she got our first kid. I know she needs professional help which she thinks she doesn't. I also need help on how to cope up with her. Lately we have been having incessant quarrels .She is also very insecure,manipulative, controlling, nagging and very temperamental. Anajaribu kunipimia maisha. She even wants to choose friends for me.

Tulijuana about 8 years ago though we were on and off. During one of the off moments ndio alikuwa raped. She also keeps bring up my past like how I cheated on her with multiple women yet were not even married then. I was in other relationships when were not together but since we got married I have never been intimate with any other woman apart from her which she refuses to accept. Whenever I get home late hata kama ni na 10 min she will claim I was still at my whores place. Mimi 7pm haijawai nipata nje na weekends tuko na yeye kwa nyumba always simu ni kabambe no whatsapp yet she keeps calling me malaya. She also blames me for all her misfortunes including the rape, a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy which was detected a week on her arrival in these gulf country for a job(this period was hell for the both of us she almost died there and stress almost killed me on this other side). She is very quick to claim she will kill herself which is my biggest scare because I cant count the number of times she has said this. Yesterday we had grotesque physical confrontation and she wielded a knight and I had to restrain her because I can never fight a woman. I just need help with the situation since there is just so much happening and it also very energy draining confusing stressful

  Published  19th Jul 2021 at 4:52 pm