Its been a couple of days of zero motivation. I have work to do but i can hardly get myself to finish them even with deadlines approaching. Everything feels so plain and boring. I have tried to watch some interesting shows/movies but its gotten boring too. I have clients who haven't paid me over several months. I have been following up with them but it's getting tiring now :(

I go out for some exercise and stretching - it felt good for sometime but it went back to boring a fews hour later. I feel like sleeping all the time. I sleep at odd hours and wake up in the middle of the night then i'm tired all day but also can't sleep coz i'm supposed to be working.....which is also hard coz i feel unmotivated! ......its confusing and tiring

What is this feeling and why can't i shake it off?

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sounds like depression , talk to a therapist

I've been feeling the same way 😪