I think I have no life and I'm bored, each day is a waking pain if you ask me

right now I should leave him the f alone

but it's a distraction I need not want otherwise am left to my devices

I think about death way too much

is the afterlife real or not

does your guilt condemn you to hell

do people really talk to the almighty

if I'm gay will I go to the Christian hell

will I ever have a life that makes me happy

keep positive, it's all about change

what future awaits me

I think of being hit by a car at times then I can argue it was the driver in the afterlife

I USED TO dig being lonely now I don't want it anymore

I desire to breathe life in my lungs

and i know i found find help yet i keep coming back

must be a fool of the decade because this is insanity

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Try to make some friends would help to have someone check up on you