My boyfriend who is not my boyfriend yet - I know what am saying - hasn't been spending time with me lately ,he's busy gosh I can't even hang with my soul sisters coz am jealous they have solid rlships.... Lump in my throat hurts and I just wanna be comfortable

  Published  27th Jun 2020 at 11:19 pm
Moses GichukiClinical Psychology Student U.S.I.U - Africa
Hi there, we appreciate your courage to speak up. Relationships are important in our lives, form part our nature to connect with others in life and makes life fulfilling. However, it is good to know that developing healthy and loving relationships is something we learn over time for everyone. This applies to you and your boyfriend. It takes effort, sacrifice, and time to establish healthy relationships. 

Relationships require one to be caring and a good communicator. Talk to each other about how you can create time to meet and share whether goals, passions, desires struggles etc. since we are all different, be ready to embrace one another’s differences and difficulties you come across. Also, honesty, openness, and are also key to building a successful relationship. 

It is a normal reaction to feel jealous but understanding why the jealous is more important. Are you jealous because you friends are in solid relationships as you say? Is it because they are getting time with their boy friends and you are not? Or are you just feeling left behind? Is there something you feel you could change to help your boy friend create more time for you? If you couldn’t feel jealous what other feeling would you want to experience? Is this the kind of a partner I want? What I am looking for in a relationship? 

Reflect upon these questions and I hope this will be helpful towards building your relationship skills. All the best!!!

  Published  28th Jun 2020 at 9:19 am