I've been living with my gf for a year now, she's been the one providing most of the time since her job is somehow stable and she's perfectly good at it. Myself, getting a job has been so hectic, I tried business but I had to shut it down since I secured a job at some point, but it only lasted 2 months 😔.

Of late we've been having frequent misunderstandings with my gf, I'm a person who speaks up when I see an issue; my gf chats a lot, when she comes back home from work, she'd be on her phone chatting almost the whole time, literally when doing everything, cooking, eating up to the time she goes to bed, she'll be on her phone till the very last minute. I decided to talk to her about it, telling her to at least reduce but she clapped back at me claiming I'm simply looking for mistakes in her. We sorted the issue out but another issue would erupt, cause mainly being, her phone usage like talking with a friend till late in the night, not considering I'm around and probably need to catch a sleep.

I know and accept that I am easily irritable and sensitive, especially with the whole stress of having to depend on her, but to some extent, I feel like she doesn't respect/consider me the way she used to before. She doesn't want to take accountability on any issue I raise that I feel I'm not comfortable with in our relationship, and most of the time turns it back at me, labelling me as this Always Complaining and Controlling BF.

I feel like putting to a stop this cohabiting thing and simply pack my stuff and go back home since I don't have any form of income, but I know once I bring this up to her, she'll get emotional and start crying. Please help me out here, I am slowly loosing it.

Thank you.

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