We were involved in a road accident yesterday. We all survived without any serious injuries despite the car being written. However the whole scene is replaying in the head non stop given I was in the front seat and I witnessed everything. Please help me deal with these because I am not sure if I will shake it off in a few days or it will get worse.

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It's PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sometimes it goes away on its own and sometimes it doesn't. I had it years ago when I went through an accident where someone died. For long I couldn't stand the sound of broken glass or any other sound I heard during the accident. I'd hear it and freeze like for 15min or so. It was scary. I'm a Christian so I prayed about it and also sought godly counseling to deal with the trauma. Seek counseling it will help even if ur not a Christian. It will help u deal

Hi, you will be fine. Be thankful that what was damaged is a thing that can be replaced. It may take long to get over it but you will eventually. Take heart.