I feel lonely. All my peers are either in serious relationships, marriage or parenting. It's so hard to get time to hang out with them. I'm also finding it difficult making new friends at my age. It's so frustrating. There's only so much i can do to occupy myself with -work, hobbies.......but at the end of the day I still need to hang out with someone. Help!

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Marry, or parent. Find someone whom you share your idea of companionship.

I'll hang out with you.

If you want to talk, talk to me.

If you want me to listen, I'll sit and listen to you.

If you just want to laze on a bench at Uhuru Park, or on the grass, I'll laze with you.

If you want to hang out in silence, we'll be silent.

If you want to vent or scream here or anywhere else, I'll scream and vent with you.

Just know, you are not alone.

Call me W.

*Original W

we are in the same boat ,...would love to hangout with you call me PK..

EMAIL ME : would love to hear from u