Hi.So I just completed highschool.I got a grade that allows me to pursue the course I want which is either journalism or something in film.I applied for these courses in applicable universities.The problem is everyone in my family except my sister wants me to do education.They say that journalism is not marketable and I will have wasted time and resources when I fail to get a job.Its shitty because am going to be doing something I hate for four years.They considered medicine but I ensured that in school I passed my language and humanity subjects so that I could finally study for what I want,what I love.I get depressed when I think about my next four years.I thought that what I would have to struggle with was my social anxiety but being trapped in a course that will make me feel like I would have done sth better with my life.It is frustrating.

  Published  1st Jun 2021 at 5:12 pm

Don't even the about doing something you aren't comfortable with. No matter how anyone convinces you to. You might end up dropping out, wasting the opportunity. You have to make them believe in you and support your dreams. YOU HAVE TO.

  Published  3rd Jun 2021 at 9:36 pm

One mistake you will regret making is taking a course based on how marketable it is out here.

Yes you'll pay the bills almost immediately after school, but again are you willing to trade that with your peace of mind?

Its cliche, but go for what makes you happy. For what you love.

Passion will make you work on weekends effortlessly, money will make you hate Mondays.

Brave up!

  Published  9th Jun 2021 at 4:19 am

In life, it is not what you love or are passionate about but what (out of your comfort zone) can accommodate and has the best opportunities. Pursue opportunities and not passion. Jobs are few and far in between. It may not be education but something with opportunities.

If you deliberately flanked sciences to make yourself more suitable for journalism, know that was very dumb of you. Sorry for being blunt.

  Published  16th Jun 2021 at 9:40 pm