Hi, i havent had a good nights sleep in months, i binge drink everyweeknd. I cant remember when i was ever trully happy like laughing a good honest laugh. When i drink with my friends i always make sure i blackout coz we'll end up looking for girls. I cant sleep with random, strangers its not me but my pals always bring gals over n i always avoid them. The thing is im not attracted to gals i dont know, i have this stupid idea that theres someone out there for me but i guess its a fools wish. I havent been in a rlshp in over 5 yrs. Im 33 now n ive not met anyone im attracted to. It hurts being lonely in crowds of random people. Drinking n doing drugs every weeknd a cycle that depresses me. There has to be more in life than booze. I admit im lonely but alcohol n fake friends is better than stayin at home alone
  Published  2nd Jul 2019 at 11:16 am
Gathoni.M.MbuguaChiromo Lane Medical Center (CLMC) - Clinical Psychologists
Hello, thank you for having the courage to open up and seek for help, I would like to know for how long the binge drinking and the inability to sleep has been happening, and what is happening at home that makes you not want to stay there but drink alcohol and do drugs. Thank You.
  Published  2nd Jul 2019 at 1:31 pm

Ive been binging since campus days. Insomnia is on and off but i sleep for like 2-3 hrs tops. I live bymyself as i left home coz of some issues of overdrinkin. I take piritons n sleepin pills n a few shots jus to sleep

  Published  2nd Jul 2019 at 10:26 pm

Whats probably keeping you up at night is loneliness and what that looks like to you. You require peace to be able to sleep at night. On to drinking and avoiding girls. What kind of friends do you surround yourself with if the cycle of binge drinking and avoiding girls is continuous, by now I'm guessing they ought to have noticed there's a pattern or maybe you just don't are enough to quit the habit. Now on to the loneliness, it sucks I know I've been single 11yrs, there are times when you just want to be able to call that one special person and also do stuff together but could it be that person is on the other side of your destructive behavior?

Find a balance and do things that will get you distracted enough to pickup habits that make you happy.. With some cartoons, let your inner child out, do all the stupid little things that make you happy and you'll meet that peron when you're ready.. What's the point of getig into a relationship with these habits in tow.. Are you really ready, indulge in your interests, meet new people and if it happens then cool . also assess what you find attractive in people and what's attractive about you. Don't be too hard on yourself...

  Published  4th Jul 2019 at 9:36 pm

I get what youre sayin. Ive tried meetin new people but its hard, hard to the point that it ends up being small talk. Most pple dont wana talk about stuf everyone is aparantly doing "well" in life so if i try to connect with someone n open up they tell me "be a man all men go thru stuff" i jus see thru the facade plus i dont really think highly of myself. Yes im employed have a good side hustle that keeps me preoccupied but such things can only take you so far. I just dont know how to keep it all together. Pple always tell me i drink to much! i or dont say the the right things! Or i dnt wear the right clothes n lately that i dont look the right way.As in everyone has this notion of what im supposed,look and act. I dnt know what i wana b anymore coz no one has ever askd me what i wanna be. When i talk to pple they dislike my honest truths coz step on toes alegedly so they push me away n i let em be. Im jus soo tired of it all whats the point of havin a good job n hustle when even u cant even afford the free things in life. Fuck it

  Published  5th Jul 2019 at 2:04 pm