I feel like am a reasonably ambitious person but i always seem to find a way to let myself down. I break promises made to self and find it difficult to even commit to my to-do lists. I promised myself that i wouldn't get drunk every weekend and even diarized it, but every Friday, a certain alarm bell goes off in my system and i end up at square zero. I also have social awkwardness and confidence issues and i have struggled with these since i was a kid. Imagine a whole adult like me doesn't have the confidence and self belief to even drive a car or approach a girl at a social setting. I need some help when it comes to discipline and commitment to my goals; and my confidence issues, please!

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It almost felt as though you were describing me, a few years ago that is. Anyway, you must realize that unless you get comfortable with discomfort, stagnation is inevitable. Just start, take action, confidence will gradually build. You must bite the bullet if you want to see growth.