my family has always treated me badly disrespect was a rite of passage in my family being beaten up all the time by my mom and time my brothers beat me up badly one of them injured my eye and the other one threw me from the top of the bed just because i had not bought gas i was in secondary school then and it was not the first time they were doing this.My mom supported them telling me stuff like you should not argue with men.when i went to university she used to tell me that i m proud because im in uni whenever i complained about the housework that it was too much she would dismiss me i would do all the work and my brothers just sat because they are men.during this. time my father retired and we discovered he had another wife any disagreement we would have she would blame me for her marital problems and i ruined her body because she had a c-section when she gave birth to me .i graduated but i have never got a job they disrespected me before now its worse they disrepect me so much my younger sister even had the nerve to want to beat me up but i stopped her everything i do is always bad to them they gossip about me alot i am trying to change my situation i know i will get out of this night mare soon and i will not be disrespected anymore

  Published  24th Mar 2020 at 4:57 pm

Hold on,focus on your life goals ,project your anger and solitude to what you love,be self conscious and all will be well

  Published  24th Mar 2020 at 9:30 pm
Inuka Wellness ExpertInuka Wellness Kenya
Hello,  thank you for sharing with us what you are dealing with. Being in a family that mistreats you, ridicules, dismisses you, gossips about you and even goes to an extent of beating you must be very hard. If you are at risk of being physically harmed kindly find a safe space you can stay at. That being said it is commendable that you were able to graduate and still hold on a positive attitude that things will change and you will get out of this situation soon.  In the meantime am few tips might help,  1, taking a 2 minutes self appreciation break daily, this can help maintain your self esteem despite people around you putting you down. 2, writing down a to do list on ways you can try change your situation, make it detailed.  Problems you are facing, possibly solutions you can try and ways you can implement those solutions.  Breaking things down into smaller pieces makes it a bit easier to tackle them.  We hope this helps.  Meanwhile we are here should you need someone to talk to 
  Published  25th Mar 2020 at 3:28 pm