I'm a 30 year old man but get over emotional at time and cry a lot. Is there anything wrong with me?

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Hello, I dnt think there is anything wrong with you, I would assume you give it your all when you have too and thats why you cry a lot. I presume you cry over things or people that you love... Your normal, just try to be strong enough to know that life still has to continue..

There is nothing wrong with you.It just that the society has normalised the idea that men are not supposed to show emotion.This is wrong because we are all humans and we all have emotions that need to be expressed.

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Hey, crying is  normal reaction to things that hit a nerve in us. I get your concern am am glad you are here talking about it. Ideally when we encounter various unpleasant events through out our lives we are suppost to deal with those issues immediatlety however that in not the case. Especially for men, due to how men have been cultured that talking to about issues is a sign of weakness...etc, therefore alot more men never deal with underlying issues.

Crying alot is a sign of hurt that has not been dealth with. Can you try an re-intropsect, find out what are the various issues you have gone through and attend to them. Also try and identify your triggers...are they the same issues that make you very emotional? and see a counnselor

Can you share one of those issues, i can help you deal with this.