I feel likr im at my wits end. My exhusband has taken my sons and i cant get them back. Im an orphan and the rest of my family doesn't care. I cant live without them. They are my whole existence.  I want to die. Im planning on commiting suicide. Im done feeling this pain

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Please don't help is on the way

Suicide will just kill you, it won't take away problems. Just try find other solutions, even walking away and starting a new life all over again, suicide shouldn't be not one of your options.

Please do not. Think about your sons and how tough it would be without you in their life. Seek legal assistance if you can, from FIDA or a lawyer. Try at least get shared custody and co-parent if possible. Don't kill yourself, your boys still need you.

Your boys will miss you so much, don't even think about it. I love my mum so much so I can't imagine how much your boys would hurt. Get a lawyer from FIDA as suggested.