I need to move away and separate from my so called 'wife'. She's got negative energy. I have suffered major setbacks in the few years we have been together. Her attitude ,her arrogance, her everything..... its too much. Slowly turning me into an angry drunkard. Have found a nice apartment and furnished it. Now just need to wake up one morning and tell her I will not be returning in the evening. I feel for my two daughters.

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at least you know what to do. marriage will never be easy pal.

1Does she want you to separate?

2 Are you running away from your family?

There is always the notion that men are the toxic ones in relationships. Some of us are going through sh*t with these women out here. Esp when they know your upbringing is one where you take your responsibility to your kids seriously. They use that to rile you kabisa. Esp if you do not fall for their controlling tactics anymore

I would suggest you muster up the strength. sit her down for a proper conversation. And if it does not yield a proper outcome, think long and hard at how you are gonna parent your kids separately.

Nothing in this world is worth you loosing yourself.