The last time I tried to have a relationship it broke me to pieces and brought me down to my knees. I still feel hurt even now. I've tried to let go of the hurt but to no avail. I feel like I don't trust people anymore and more importantly I don't trust my feelings for someone. There's always a nagging feeling that this person will let me down.....or use me then dump me. It's a really bad feeling. And then there's this hatred I feel for my ex.....I even hate anyone who looks like them. I feel like I will hate them forever

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Sorry about your past hurtful experience . I'd like to encourage you to somehow find closure with yourself, so that you can finally move on . It angers me when people leave others damaged and I'm deeply sorry for what happened. But I encourage you to try and move on , channel your energy on your work &studies or other important stuff. As they say Time heals everything.

Own yourself. No one can use you! You're not an object.We only have one short life, what's the point of giving the power of your life to others? You define your own value. You write your own story.