Forgive me if I'm wrong but it feels a lot of us here are introverts? A lot of the issues seem to be around a poor social life and loneliness, again maybe I'm wrong. I'm an introvert too, do you feel it's a disadvantage? Do you feel you've lost opportunities due to being introverted? I certainly. What do you think

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Hi in my case it’s poor social life because I’m done pretending to be someone I’m not and getting into spaces where I can thrive has been challenging

some days or nights I can sleep, some I stay awake

i rather be lonely than be around bigots

it’s the price I pay for being my authentic self

and I’m more than happy to pay over and over again and no I’m not missing out on anything, so are you? What opportunities do you think you lost or missing out on ?

I think I'm missing out on fun , memories and just someone who can 'see' me. Feels like everyone around me is living apart from me. I've been this way since I've known myself, always the quiet kid who'd love to connect with someone but doesn't want to get Hurst so prefers to keep to myself.

I only go to church on Sunday and spend the rest at home , wish there was somewhere I could go but it's genuinely just me.