5 years ago I was talking to someone. This lasted about 6 months ,we never did or had anything but we both knew we weren't friends lol. Long story short one day he exited my life out of the blue by saying that I shouldn't be "messing" (talking) with him because it wasn't gonna end up good. I still don't know what that means by the way. (if you can decode this pls let me know as well). Now that I think about it he was probably looking for a reason to leave.. Anyways I still think about him A LOT. To the point where it feels like an obsession and it's definitely not healthy. Some days he's all I'm thinking about his thought literally drains me.

Has anything similar happened to you? Or should I be worried about my (occasional) obsession over him?

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I'm an anxious avoidant person , I seek both a connection but also run away when it gets serious , and it has been an interesting ride getting where I am at , I have hurt people but it also left hurting as well , sometimes I feel like an awful person, here's the thing it is easy to put someone on pedestal and you've a idolized this person but he's nothing at all what they seemed or hoped for them to be

people have a journey to take in life and working on the self , its personal , its not a reflection of you , I think you will go on to have great relationships with people who won't be afraid to be with or people who have done the work and in a certain phase of their lives

and small small , I met someone who I told , hey this is my attachment style , this my mess , and he understands my need for space in the relationship whenever i feel a certain type of way , i communicate how I feel , we are not perfect , however we are trying to make it work