I don't understand why abortion is still illegal or wrong. I mean, we have so many fucked up adults who were unwillingly brought into this world and had an awful upbringing by parents who were not ready to be parents. I mean, these parents don't give two shits about their children all because of stupid mistakes of getting with the wrong person. Also, sex education should exist for pre teen kids in schools as well as access to birth control. We have so many psychologically damaged adults, and these are people who become murderers, rapists all because they had a fucked up upbringing. Also vasectomy should be normalized among men, since it can be reversed when the man wants children. It's very possible.

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I've been thinking and saying the same for years but turns out having those kinds of thoughts gets you permanently blacklisted in the Kenyan setup. I get that it all stems from Biblical and moral roots but you can't deny that there's a huge need to talk about abortion. One time, I casually brought it up during dinner and the venomous stares I got from my parents could've killed me on the spot. It was during that time teenage pregnancies were on the rise and some women leaders had taken a bill to parliament to legalize abortion. I think abortion should be an option because so many people come into this world as a result of unwanted pregnancies. And while some of the babies born end up growing up to be important people in society, so many end up in abusive households as well. Mostly because the parent(s) or relatives often blame these kids for their misfortunes. Such upbringing may be the cause of these children growing up knowing nothing but what they were shown during their childhood.

I'm glad someone agrees with me on this one. People need to understand that being a parent is a whole responsibility and requires people who are mentally, emotionally, psychologically and also economically fit to successively raise a human being. Also, there is need for affordable mental health services because many people need it.

Totally true. Being a parent takes a lot. Raising a human being from infancy up till adulthood is no joke. And the same people who use the "life begins at conception" spiel won't be there when that girl or woman finally delivers that unwanted pregnancy. Everything that baby needs befalls the parent(s) or immediate family members. You're also right about the state of mental health services in our country. Mental health in Kenya is largely regarded as "weakness" or "empty excuses" because so many people think it's a disease for the rich. It's not being taken as seriously as it should be. I only know of this site we're on, Bonga, and haven't encountered any site or toll free number someone could call for counselling. If there is, then its not being given the proper campaign to reach a wider audience.