I have anxiety issues. I get attacks every now and then and I'm overwhelmed at work. I really want to quit coz my job doesn't make me happy anymore. All ir does is drain me. But I can't quit coz I need the money to get by. 

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I feel you. I have been there. i used to get panic attacks just looking at my emails. I think, getting professional help will enable you to figure out where the anxiety is coming from. Is it a fear of failure, disappointing others, need for perfectionism, valuing other peoples opinion over ours? Challenges in life and at work will keep coming at you so the best way to overcome is to build resilience and other skills required to get through challenging times. Before quitting seek professional help, your perspective might change and you may end up loving your job. :)

Thank you so much for the advice. I will work to getting the help I need.