I have nothing to vent in, i don't like getting drunk... Just need something negative to do as a distraction from work then home

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Chiromo Lane Medical Center Psychologist


I understand that with the modern times there are so many pressures that at the end of the day we all just need an outlet for the frustrations before we can go home to prepare to face the following day. Drinking is one of these outlets as well as other numerous activities such as smoking or binge eating and watching movies. It is important however to take note that even if at first, your aim is not to get drunk or anything, over time your body could become tolerant and that means that you start to take in more quantities and more frequently. This then becomes the start of an addiction forming. Remember that our body learns to associate with some things and attributes these things some significant value to them as such it starts to feel as though you cannot function without it.

I would suggest that maybe finding something that is of interest to you which can serve as an outlet but that which places you under no risk. Maybe looking into hobbies or interests but something that makes you happy.

It would also be important to look into what excatlycauses you to drink and work on these trigger points. For example, if it is work related is there a way in which the stressor can be dealt with, is it within your control or outside of your control. some things that result in drinking could be those that which we cannot help ourselves on our won and therefore would need some help.