So I've been courting this chic for a few months now and to be honest I've been at my happiest ever since. She's great and all and i like her alot. The problem is, coming from a loner's life, i sometimes feel the urge to push her back a little bit. Sometimes i want to put my phone on airplane mode and watch a movie or go a whole day without touching my phone but i remember that there's someone who i need to talk to. And during these times, when she texts, i dont respond. I am aware there's a communication barrier here.

I always believe that when someone asks for space, that's the begin of the end, and i dont want to be the guy that asks for space.

I have a feeling it might impact how things progress and it wont be for the better. I like her, but at the same time i like my alone time.

How tf do introverts handle relationships?

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Well, it's quite hard to date as an introvert because you have this expectations going into a commitment with someone. You do like them and you do see this thing going for the long haul, but then you value your space and solitude, which the person you're dating may see it as an excuse to call things off or something along those lines. I guess if I were to put in my two cents I'd say communication is very vital, like during the talking and dating stage you should be open about your likes and dislikes, you know. It should be apparent that you like your space and sometimes some quiet time where you get to do the stuff you like. Just don't use it as an excuse not to put in effort into the relationship, 'cause relationships require the both of you to actually want it to work.

Thanks for that. I really need to work on communication

You need to let her understand who you are, its not wrong to need your time alone, everyone at some point needs their time a lone, just make her understand that she shouldn't feel like that there's a problem but its a normal thing to want your time, what if you marry, she'll be there round the clock, so know how to balance before that time or else it might cause issues